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A Look Into The Glazing Market

By Post Glass and Mirror, Jun 19 2018 04:50PM

Every year, Glass Magazine polls their readers about the changes that have happened in the glazing market. In the June 2018 edition, they released the answers about the 2017 glazing market. Some highlights include sales increases and increased profit margins, but there were downsides to 2017 as well, as the continual labor struggle pushed forward. We have prepared a look into the 2017 glazing market, with eyes focused on the future of the market in 2018. If you want to read the article from Glass Magazine, there is a link to it below.

A majority of business owners reported having higher sales than the previous year. A total of 67.4% of readers said that they saw an increase in their sales numbers. This means that there was growth in the market for 2017, leaving more capital for glass businesses to be able to use to expand their production and further move in the industry. Along with sales growth, profit margins also saw some increase. 42% of people reported growth in profit margins. Though the majority of people (49%) saw no change in their profits, they were followed so closely by those that did see an increase. Seeing a rise in sales and a good amount of people seeing an increase in their profit margins means that the glazing market is set to continue going up this year, hopefully with some improvements and advancements in the industry.

Moving into jobs and projects, 57% of people reported that they saw more bids coming into their businesses. This correlates with more sales, as there has to be jobs getting done in order for a business to make money. To make this even sweeter, 65% saw no change in the amount of competition for these jobs, so people were able to get the same, if not more, amount of projects. 84% of jobs were in new construction, while the remaining 16% were in renovation. More bids, more projects, more profit, and more successes seem to be the trend for 2017 in the glazing industry.

Growth should be the trend in 2018, as it seems to be the trend for 2017 in the glazing market. The Midwest region of America ranked in the middle third of the US regions for potential for growth in 2017. The Northeast topped this ranking with over half (52%) voting that it would have the most growth for 2017.

While things seemed to be going good in 2017, with money, projects, and profits to go around, a crucial factor in growth keeps the glazing market from growing too much. Finding workers to help with growth of the glazing industry has hindered the market for many years and continues to this day as a plague on the industry. Readers reported having an increased difficulty in finding new hands to help out in the glazing industry, as it has been with previous years. The number one job that is hard to fill? Glaziers and field laborers.

Glass Magazine Story Link:{%22issue_id%22:500156,%22page%22:52}

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