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Humidity in Wisconsin

By Post Glass and Mirror, Jun 12 2018 04:05PM

A hot Wisconsin summer is only made better by high humidity, causing increasingly sporadic rains and general hotness everywhere. Once the summer comes around, the temperature goes up, which means that humidity can increase too. Even though the hot, humid air is outside, it can affect the ambiance inside of your home. The need to decrease humidity is prevalent now and will be that way until the snow is on the ground.

Humidity can make water collect on your windows, have running drips of water on your walls and ceilings, and can make mold grow. Along with the mold comes a musty odor and the potential health hazards of mold. On top of this, high humidity in the home can cause rot and other structural damage and draw pests and bugs into the places where they shouldn’t be. If humidity can be combated, it should be to help save more than just your comfort.

When high humidity is combined with high temperatures, it leads to a deadly new combination. Human bodies will no longer be able to cool off efficiently, which can lead to heat stroke. Those with heart problems or asthma can suffer worse, so they must be careful in the high heat and humidity. Having drier air combats this issue.

If you are comfortable with the windows open, you can leave the windows open to help decrease the humidity in the house IF the humidity outside is less than that of the inside. There are several monitors that you can get that will look at humidity levels in and outside the house so that you know what your humidity levels are and can adjust accordingly. However, once it stops being comfortable and the humidity is increasing, it’s time to close those windows and turn the A/C on. Having a dehumidifier would help, if A/C costs are running high and there is a concern about money. The dehumidifier will help decrease the humidity with the windows open, so the A/C wouldn’t need to be turned on for longer.

Interior humidity is best regulated with a dehumidifier, and keeping the windows closed will help the dehumidifier do its work. This is also the humidity that needs to be regulated in order to keep rot and critters out of your home. Putting carpet in the home can actually help decrease the moisture in the air on the home, as it will settle into the carpet. If you have don’t have or don’t want carpet, there must be good ventilation under the suspended timber floors. Opening up the windows will help decrease the humidity in the air and increase the air flow. It is one of the most effective ways of passive ventilation to just have the windows open. Preferably, keeping windows open on opposing sides of rooms or houses will keep a cross breeze flowing moving the air.

Fighting off the humidity is something that comes with living in this area. But hopefully this summer you can find a way to keep it off so that you are enjoying the summer, not stuck inside where only the A/C can help.

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